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2. juin 2017

ROWE becomes an “authorized economic operator” (AEO)

With the certification as an “authorized economic operator” (AEO), ROWE Mineralölwerk GmbH wants to do justice to the constantly growing requirements in international business transactions and relevant mandatory specifications of the automotive industry.

“Authorized economic operators” are regarded as particularly reliable and trustworthy business partners whose status facilitates the business relations within the preferred customs clearing process. In addition to this, “authorized economic operators” ensure a high product quality by way of optimal processes along the value-creation chain, meet the stringent requirements of the AEO approval, and are therefore regarded as a certified partner of the customs administration.

As your business partner, we would also like to assume this comprehensive responsibility in our relations with you, and underscore our exacting quality standards with the certification. To realize this objective, we will need your support.

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