31. January 2020


Dear Business Partner,

We would like to take the opportunity today to inform you of the launch of our HIGHTEC AdBlue®.
Alongside classic diesel, modern day diesel-fuelled vehicles (both cars and commercial vehicles) usually require neben dem klassischen Dieselkraftstoff meist eine weitere Betriebsflüssigkeit: AdBlue®!
This fluid is required to abide by modern emission limits and to minimize exhaust fumes and pollutants.

In order to meet this requirement, ROWE MINERALÖLWERK GMBH now offers you high-quality AdBlue® in the following two drum sizes:

  • 5 liter drum with article number 65328-0050-03
  • 10 liter drum with article number 65328-0100-03

The drum sizes have been chosen with the customer in mind, easy to handle and both drums are equipped with a practical nozzle, simplifying the process of filling the vehicle.

As with all ROWE products, our HIGHTEC AdBlue® is produced according to the highest quality standards and meets the following important specifications:

  • DIN 70070
  • ISO 22241-1

Please note: the AdBlue® tank may not be emptied. For the sake of protecting the environment, do not operate vehicles, or only do so by activating its emergency ignition program, if the AdBlue® tank has been emptied.
In order to remain mobile, it’s recommended that you always keep the appropriate HIGHTEC AdBlue® cannister to hand as HIGHTEC AdBlue® protects the environment as well as your wallet.

For up-to-date product information please see our product list on our homepage:

HIGHTEC AdBlue® (Art.Nr. 65328)

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