Whether it comes to their technical properties or their environmental compatibility, performance requirements for lubricants have increased dramatically over recent years. Combining renewable basestocks with eco-friendly properties and a demanding performance profile, ROWE HIGHTECH Bio-Lubricants contribute to resource conservation and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Therefore Bio-Lubricants are clearly superior to their conventional petroleum-based counterparts.

Discover the energy cost savings and longer service lives yourself

Renowned industrial machinery manufacturers opt for the eco-friendly HIGHTECH technology of green lubricants supplied by ROWE, even first filling from the factory is possible. Ask your machinery manufacturer for Bio-Lubricants.

Most of our Bio-Lubricants are H1-certified and can be used in food and beverage processing applications or the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

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Our Bio-Lubricants can be recognized on the ROWE website from the following information:

This product is a Bio-Lubricant.
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