About ROWE

As part of our cultural engagement, we support classical concerts as well as stage productions, endeavouring to make art and culture more accessible to the people. Music combines virtuosity and emotionality with a long tradition and thus speaks to all cultures of the earth. It is a vibrant and versatile artform that contributes to entertainment, but also to the promotion of social networks.

In the course of this, ROWE also sponsors the Symphonic Accordion Orchestra of Hesse (SAkkOH).

Symphonic Accordion Orchestra of Hesse (SAkkOH)

The Symphonic Accordion Orchestra of Hesse was relaunched in 2013. The objective resides in opening the orchestra to interested players in general, not only to maintain its high standard, but also to develop it further, if possible.

The orchestra is directed by Thomas Bauer, an internationally recognized conductor in the area of accordion orchestras. Thomas Bauer and the currently 42 players have made it their aim to bring the accordion to new audiences. The growing audience figures – with over 2,000 visitors attending 3 concerts overall in 2011 – meanwhile confirm the route taken towards greater professionality. Its annually defined concert focus, including the cooperation with the vice world champions in Tango Argentino (IDO) in 2017 and with singers from the Frankfurt Opera in the 2018 anniversary concert, help SAkkOH clearly differentiate itself as an exceptional orchestra enthusing audiences from near and far.

That the Symphonic Accordion Orchestra of Hesse is regarded as one of the best accordion orchestra around the world by many insiders certainly also has something to do with its coalescing as a musical entity in recent years under the management of chief conductor Thomas Bauer. The synergy of musicality and harmony has arrived at a very high standard, and audibly so for the concert-goers.

You can find more information on the orchestra and its latest concert dates here