ROWE Mineralölwerk GmbH has been supporting a great number of national and international athletes for many years already, thus sponsoring one of the world’s fastest racket sports. Besides individual athletes, ROWE is also a long-standing partner and sponsor of the Black & White Racket Club Worms. In addition to the Federal League team, ROWE also sponsors individual top athletes who are successfully competing in the PSA World Tour.

Black & White Worms

Black & White Racket Club Worms

Established in 1998, the club has regularly competed in the German team championship of the premier federal squash league for many years. In 2011, the team managed to win the championship and become German team champion for the very first time. The team was then able to take the title home to Worms again only two years later. The four wins of the European Club Championships in a row (2012-2015) number amongst the Worms squash club’s greatest successes and are unique in the championship’s history so far.

The core team consists of Jens Schoor, Tim Weber, Carsten Schoor and Daniel Hoffmann. They are supported by many top players from abroad, including Mohamed Elshorbagy, Nick Matthew, Karim Abdel Gawad, Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Gregoire Marche

Mohamed Elshorbagy

Mohamed Elshorbagy was born in 1991 and has been living in Bristol, UK for a number of years now. Elshorbagy has been competing in the PSA World Tour for 11 years and managed to win 32 titles in 48 finals so far. Besides many great World Series championship wins, he has also been the current World Champion since December 2017. He has numbered amongst the top 10 of the world rankings since December 2014, leading the world’s best for 30 months overall in the process. Given his aggressive play and unconditional will to win, he is also known as the “Beast of Alexandria”.

Karim Abdel Gawad

Born in 1991 in Alexandria, Karim Abdel Gawad now lives in Giza, Egypt. He has been competing in the PSA World Tour for 10 years and managed to collect 18 titles so far. He achieved his greatest breakthrough in 2016 with the surprising win of the World Open, which made him World Champion. This was followed by further PSA World Series titles. Leading the world rankings in May 2017, he has been continuously ranked amongst the top 10 since 2016. He looks relatively young and unassuming, but has unbelievable racket skills, which has earned him the name of “Baby-faced Assassin” in the Tour.

Paul Coll

Paul Coll is a native of New Zealand, was born in 1992 and numbers amongst the top 10 of the world rankings since 2017. He has been able to win 12 titles so far, of which his title win at the VAS Channel Challenger (100K prize money) out of the qualification was his most important success so far. In addition to this, he has also succeeded in winning a silver medal for New Zealand in the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He is famed for his physical fitness in the Tour and for his many great jumps in the squash court, which have earned him the name of “Superman”.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Miguel Angel Rodriguez is one of the best Columbian squash players of all times. He numbers amongst the global top 30 since 2013, even managing to reach 4th position in the world rankings after a good season. In his 15 years of competing in the PSA World Tour, he has been able to win 26 titles so far. He is known for his unbelievable speed and responsiveness and introduced diving (“jumping”) into the squash court, for which he’s been given the name “Columbian Cannonball”.