Triathlon (Greek: three-competition) calls for the performance of the three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, one after the other. The maximum challenge for every athlete! This makes the sport a perfect match for the ROWE philosophy: maximum performance, endurance and highest quality.

The best-known competition is the IRONMAN Hawaii where a 3.8 km rough-water swim, 180 km bike race and then a complete marathon need to be completed.

ROWE has been supporting a great number of these athletes for years and is thereby sponsoring one of the toughest sports. Besides individual athletes, ROWE has also served as a supporter and main sponsor for an entire triathlon team since 2015.

In 2015, ROWE started sponsoring the ROWE Triathlon stimmel-sports women’s team in the “Mitte” regional league. With four wins in four races, the women around athletes Anna Kusch, Jana Binninger and Jana Uderstadt were able to claim the first place in the regional league and thus advance to the premier triathlon federal league.

In 2016, ROWE expanded its sponsorship by supporting the Rhineland-Palatinate’s two sole triathlon teams in the federal league. The women’s and men’s team of the stimmel-sports club entered their premier league season under the name ROWE Triathlon in 2016.

A complete overview of the ROWE athletes is available on the ROWE triathlon website: www.rowe-triathlon.de