ROWE banks on sustainability

Given the continually growing requirements through climate change and the company policy of sustainability, lubricant manufacturer ROWE has decided to render the company climate-neutral from the year 2017 onwards and offset all emissions in doing so.

To do this, the climate footprints were calculated by an independent company from all the current data available. To compensate for the CO2-equivalents determined and footprint they leave, it has been decided to offset in advance – that is, today – the emissions of the company and brand ambassadors for 2017 and 2018 by the purchase of climate certificates, while also offering customers climate-compensated lubrication products in addition to this. The UN-accredited certificates comply with the CER (Certified Emission Reduction) and VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) standards and have been approved by the bodies of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change for the successful execution of climate protection projects.

The purchase of the climate certificates serves to support important climate projects around the world that promote above all the development of renewable energies in developing and emerging nations. This financial assistance not only helps these countries improve their economic, social and ecological situation, but is also an important driver for the transfer of clean technologies and sustainably oriented economic development.

The projects supported by ROWE are:

  • Gold-standard wood fired ovens in Mali
  • Riverine hydro-electric project in Mali
  • Riverine hydro-electric project in Brazil
  • Wind energy in India
  • Solar power generation in India

The use of renewable energies is also an important aspect in industrialized countries, however, which the lubricant manufacturer from Worms has incorporated in its guidelines. Against this background, the company has been banking on sustainability for years by deciding as early as 2013 to run the new location in Worms self-sufficiently in energy terms with co-generation, besides switching to electricity from renewable energies. The natural gas-powered co-generation unit installed during the construction of the new site is supplied with a thermal input of 600 kW and electrical input of 530 kW. The electricity is used for the production process and the heat for ensuring the right temperature of starting materials and finished products. This enables ROWE to get by without additional heating. Which not only saves costs, but also reduces emissions that are harmful for the environment.

This is what it looks like in figures: The company’s energy expenditure in the form of electricity amounts to ca. 3.2 million kWh per year, 2.2 m kWh of which come from in-house generation and use. This equals an annual saving of ca. 69 % and on balance reduces the company’s CO2 footprint by 1,077.16 tons. Further measures are additionally applied to reduce the energy and paper consumption in the administration. The company also aims to particularly prioritize providers of climate-neutral services in its procurement, and motivate its personnel to more sustainable conduct on a professional as well as private level. In addition to all this, there are also plans to introduce an energy management system as per ISO 50001 in 2018.

For its employees, ROWE has been offering a discounted tariff for using e-bikes since 01/03/2017, which not only reduce the travel costs which would arise if a car were used, but are also emission-free, and thus able to sustainably lower CO2 emissions by another 253 tons.

The company is meanwhile not only contributing to climate protection by many internal measures, but has also been producing its lubricants from renewable resources for years. At the level of the end consumer, the developed products are hence not only distinguished by great climate-friendliness thanks to their easy biodegradability, but also by lowering the energy expenditure through longer service lives, thus ultimately reducing the consumer’s CO2 emissions.

On the occasion of today’s World Earth Day, the UNO environment action day, ROWE is furthermore announcing the following:

Thanks to the conversion into a climate-neutral company, our customers can from now on rely on the fact that all our products, from 1L to 1,000L containers, have been produced in a 100 % climate-compensated manner, and thus personally contribute to global CO2 compensation by their purchase. You can recognize the climate-friendly production of the ROWE products you purchase from the »CO2-compensated« label printed on them. This label attests to our contribution to the environment made by offsetting our entire CO2 consumption with the climate protection certificates mentioned.

All these measures not only mean that ROWE is offsetting its carbon footprint, but also make it a role model for other companies, as it is one of the first in Germany to voluntarily offset its emissions in keeping with the Kyoto Protocol. In addition to this, the lubricant manufacturer is also one of the first companies to offer its customers climate-compensated lubricants, according to our own investigations.