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Hightec Schmierstoffe
made in Germany
16. June 2017


HIGHTEC SYNT RSB 12FE SAE 0W-30, specifically for modern BMW vehicles, is newly approved with immediate effect

Our HIGHTEC SYNT RSB 12FE SAE 0W-30 (article no. 20305), which was introduced in March, will from now on come with nominal approval from BMW AG in keeping with the BMW Longlife-12 FE specification.

HIGHTEC SYNT RSB 12FE SAE 0W-30 is available in the container sizes 1L, 5L, 20L, 60L and 200L, as well as tanker trucks, and offers a whole host of enticing benefits:

  • approved as per BMW Longlife-12 FE – meets the strict guidelines for engine cleanliness, fuel efficiency and wear
  • suitable for many modern BMW engines
  • usable across brands thanks to ACEA C2 compliance
  • minimum fuel savings of 2.8% (CEC L-54-T-96)
  • very good low-temperature properties for optimal engine wear protection at low outdoor temperatures
  • the very highest levels of oxidation stability through special HC synthesis base oils, fully synthetic PAOs (polyalphaolefins) and additivation that is tailored to them
  • low sulphated ash, low phosphorous and sulphur contents protect diesel particle filters and catalysers


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